What is bostoncoop.net?

bostoncoop.net, also known as coopt.net, is a volunteer-run community server. We provide various hosting services, including web, email, and mailing list, for a variety of nonprofit organizations, individuals, and a small number of for-profit entities. We don't quite cover our costs, but operate at only a small loss.

We might be able to host your domain(s), websites, email addresses, and/or PHP/Perl/ZOPE/MySQL/PostgreSQL/Etc. project. We're quite flexible in our arrangements and generally have no disk quota. If you are a nonprofit, cooperative, or community organization, we generally provide free or very cheap hosting. We also provide all these services to friends, and friends-of-friends. If you don't fit into any of these categories, perhaps you should become a friend or friend-of-friend and we'll set you up.

We also accept one-time donations toward equipment and bandwidth costs. No money received (from donations or monthly fees) goes into anyone's pocket--it all goes back into the server.

If you'd like to make a donation or get an account, contact Adam Rosi-Kessel.

bostoncoop.net runs on Debian GNU/Linux Sarge, serves web-pages with Apache 1.3, and manages mailing lists with Mailman.

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