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Legislative Initiatives For Healthier Lives
Executive Summary

A Collaborative Partnership:
The Health Law Institute
A Program of the Justice Resource Institute
Northeastern University School of Law
Law, Culture, and Difference Program
Law Office #2

April 9, 2002

Faculty Supervisors:
Hon. Susan Maze-Rothstein
Professor Libby Adler

Teaching Facilitators:
Megan Boyle (Fall)
Jodie Marksamer (Winter)

Law Office #2 Members:
Robert Belle, Stephen Boardman, Christina Boutilier, Diana Cap, Amanda Faerber, Adam Kessel, Stephanie Mandell, Sergey Mikhlin, Caitlin Palm, Bethany Stasiak, Ariel Strauss, Christina Watson

Introduction: Christina Watson
Emancipation: Christina Watson
Legal Access: Ariel Strauss
Mature Minor Rule: Stephanie Mandell
Shelter Restriction: Caitlin Palm
Group Process: Caitlin Palm
Tech. Innovations: Adam Kessel
Recommendations: Caitlin Palm


LCD Law Office #2