Family Videos

Silas drumming.
Silas' drumming skills are really taking off. (Thanks in a big way to his music class and also to Fred Weaver.)
Reading the Cat in the Hat
Silas has been getting this book read to him a ton. He has so much memorized!
Silas jamming in his jailbreak jammies.
Silas drumming on the back porch of the old apartment in late May, 2009. His fascination with various types of musical instruments (cymbals, etc.) stems from his recent visit to the Strawberry music festival.
Silas can dance, drum, and play guitar!
We had a great mother's day cruise today (5/10/09). Silas was entertained by the musicians, and he entertained us with his dancing. He's has been drumming and playing guitar himself like a madman all week.
Spicy Lemons
Silas loves to taste lemons, or pretend to do so.
Beach Jam
Silas jams at Ocean Beach.
Harmonica on the Max
Silas jams during his commute from downtown Portland.
Jogging Pink in Portland
While visiting Aunt Anna, Silas takes off along the river.
Baby Hungry for Brains
Silas now walks constantly, high stepping.
Playing With Spoons
It's getting to be a lot of fun when Silas feeds himself.
Bopping Around Home
Some shots of 9mo-old Silas creeping, hiding, and dancing in Berkeley.
Silas on the Move
Silas has been crawling for a couple of weeks now. But today he seems to be finding everything.
Silas, Tummy and Feet
Silas on his play mat and in the jumper; he's learning to work his body.
Chatting with Silas
Silas on his changing pad, talking to his mobile (we think).
Sling Baby
Ten day old Silas takes a tour of the house in a sling.
First Bath
Silas' first bath was not a lot of fun for him.

Anna filmed, while Erin and Nat bathed. Oma Lea was there, too.

At Home
These are shots of our first couple of days at home after the hospital.

Erin's mom Lea and Erin's sister Anna are in town for a visit.

Comes Home
We left the hospital on Thursday, the 29th of March, 2007.

Silas loved the car ride and the cats were intrigued by him.

Silas and Erin
in the Hospital
These are shots from our 4 day stay in Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley, CA for and after Silas' birth.

It starts within Erin getting prepped for surgery in the recovery room.

We spend the next 3 days hanging out with Silas before heading home.

Getting Ready
for Baby
Erin tours the house and backyard to show Silas what we've been doing to get ready for his arrival.

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