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Moishe Kavod House

By integrating arts, learning, Jewish spiritual practice, and social justice work, we strive to create a welcoming Jewish community that is personally meaningful and deeply engaged with the world.

Basic Info
Organizational Info
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1 (206) 218.7616
In a Nutshell: 
Goals of Moishe Kavod House Create an inclusive community of young Jews and activists through Shabbat dinners, social action, Jewish learning, and the arts. Connect the Jewish community with social action and ‘world repair’ tikkun olam work. Train and develop young Jewish leaders to build community, organize social action work, and run Jewish programming. About Our Name “Eizehu mechubad? Hamechabed et haBriot. “Who receives honor/kavod? The one who treats all beings with kavod.” Pirkei Avot [Sayings of the Ancestors] 4:1 We are called ‘Moishe’ because we are part of the international Moishe House network, which provides meaningful experiences to Jewish young adults worldwide. At the Moishe Kavod House, we seek to treat all with honor, recognizing the unique talents each person has to share. Through this kavod, young people are empowered to strengthen both the Jewish community and local social activism. Our Core Values Inclusive We believe communities are stronger when they include people from many backgrounds. Jewish We believe the Jewish tradition offers meaningful lessons and rituals that can deepen our lives and guide our work for justice. We welcome Jews from across the religious spectrum. Partnerships between denominations of all kinds are key to making a better world. Progressive We care about social justice and the environment, and believe change is possible when we work together. Leadership Development Oriented We believe each person has something to offer, and that everyone can learn to be a leader who makes our community stronger. Local and Tangible We work on service projects and organizing campaigns that directly impact the Boston community and environment. Replicable We hope our work can serve as a model for similar houses around the country.
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