Notice (December 15, 2019)

The original folks who maintained ceased operating the site in late 2019. The pages below are an archival snapshot from June 2019 but the site is no longer active/usable and some of the links below are broken. If someone is interesting in taking over and maintaining this site again, please contact Until then, hopefully this archived content will still be useful to visitors. Please note that many of these coops may now be defunct.

Connect with housing coops in the greater Boston area

Find Communities you're here!

Hub for Boston's Cooperative Living Movement with a directory, map, and resources for coop houses.

Meet Up

Want to meet a co-op house, or show off your own house? Find and add upcoming events here.

Boston Coop Assembly

Home of the meeting minutes, policies, and proposals of the Boston Collective House Assembly. Check out our facebook page.

The Co-op Wiki

Our collective body of knowledge, with info on running and forming collective houses as well as ideas for creating a cooperative economy in the Boston area.

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