PLEASE NOTE: Roxbury Driveyards no longer exists and has not existed since around 2016. This information is provided for historical/archival purposes only.

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Roxbury Driveyards

Music, yes. Writing, yes. Sculpting, yes. Tattoos, sometimes. Gardening, yes. Travel, yes. Tree forts, maybe. Pottery, yes. Koi pond, sort of...more like a Koi hole in the ground right now. Oh, and cats. Cats everywhere.

1) We strive to create a home that is beautiful, peaceful, and dedicated to the creation of art! To that end, each house member will share equally in the maintenance, cleaning, and artistic design of our home.

2) In keeping with the idea of affordable, sustainable living, each member of the house is excited by the idea of fostering outdoor gardens and indoor, year-round hydroponic gardening. Future collective projects such as high-efficiency wood stoves, solar panels, worm farms, can be discussed as the interest within the community may go.

3) We are very active in welcoming world travelers to stay in our home. It is of paramount importance to us to foster global understanding of humanity by engaging others person-to-person. By means of, and other such groups, the house sees an almost constant stream of people from around the world, sharing their lives as we share ours with them.

Check us out at:!

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5 Whiting Street
United States
Organizational Info
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1 (617) 620.4830
In a Nutshell: 
We effin' rock.
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