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Sunrise Coop

We are an intentional community founded with the vision of creating a physical space (a group equity cooperative) that embodies the paleo lifestyle in an urban environment. Our core values are healthy living, sustainability, respect for human diversity, and compassion for all beings.

Basic Info
Jamaica Plain


United States
Organizational Info
In a Nutshell: 
Making healthy choices while living in today’s world can be hard. It is too easy to eat something that leaves you feeling gross or to skip your regular movement practice. Sometimes it feels like you are alone in your journey. Imagine if you woke up in a house where a dozen other people were on the same page as you? How would your day be different? We are 9 people renting two floors of a triple decker apartment in Jamaica Plain that started September 2013. We are raising funds to purchase a property by next year ( through Boston Community Cooperatives ( Our house includes students, musicians, artists, scientists, researchers, and non-profit workers. The eight of us range in age from ten to late forties.We go in together on paleo-friendly food. So far we have ordered a cow from a friendly farmer and signed up for two shares of a fish CSA and a veggie CSA.
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