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Sunrise Coop

A healthy living coop that embodies the paleo lifestyle in an urban environment.

Gabe Baldwin 1 Request membership
Maple Syrup House- Providence, RI

We are an anti-capitalist, queer-friendly collective house that seeks to create a sustainable and self-sustaining way of life.

azar 1 Request membership
Moishe Kavod House

Moishe Kavod House is a vibrant, home-based Jewish community for people in their 20s and 30s dedicated to tikkun olam, the repair of the world.

helen 1 Request membership
Murray Hill collective

Owners of 4 bedroom Craftsman Bungalow invite people with creative energy and capital to co-create a collective urban homestead. House is valued at $4

gsjmurphy 1 Request membership
Parkton Road Co-op

a co-operative house of queers in our 20s and 30s.

millerelizabethann 1 Request membership
Baobab Collective

A largely political co-op which values anti-capitalism, anti-oppression, and activism

ichinich 1 Request membership
Steph's House

A vegan & straight edge collective household in southern JP

stephaniebaird1 1 Request membership

Hometree, a single family house of five house-mates in Jamaica Plain who share meals and are committed to sourcing our food locally,

orionk 1 Request membership
The Food Trade Center

Home of Boston's Food Not Bombs kitchen

tinea10 1 Request membership
The Fort Co-op

A co-op in JP

thefortcoop_1 1 Request membership
HeARTbeat Collective

Jamaica Plan Art Collective

Nathan Dean Larson 1 Request membership
Cambridge Coop

cambridgecoop 1 Request membership
Roxbury Driveyards (NO LONGER EXISTS SINCE 2016)

We seek to be a home dedicated to making art, sharing meals, and welcoming the world through couchsurfing.

Appleseed 1 Request membership
Herbert Simpson Coop

We're a relaxed coop sharing mostly vegetarian food and house chores. We host weekly potlucks and a variety of other fun events.

jazztpt 1 Request membership
Laurel st Collective House

A collective house of anarchists - focus on neighborhood organizing, radical literature, and gardening :)

mspicher 1 Request membership
Whirlybird Coop

Nathan Dean Larson 1 Request membership
Simple, Sustainable Community Forming

This is a house for people who want to live simply, sustainably, and communally

Johnn 1 Request membership
William Street Co-op

A 6-person vegetarian cooperative household in Davis Square, Somerville. We have operated as a co-op for nearly thirty years.

Johnn 1 Request membership
Franklin St. Coop

A group of people committed to community by sharing time, responsibility, and care for one another.

gordon.krafttodd 1 Request membership
Beacon Hill Friends House

A 21-member community based on Quaker values of faith, simplicity, integrity and social responsibility.

BHFH 1 Request membership
Lucy Stone Cooperative

We are a new housing cooperative based in Unitarian Universalist values. We recently purchased a house in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Nathan Dean Larson 1 Request membership
Seedpod Co-op

A 12 bedroom cooperative house in Dorchester, MA, cooperatively owned and operated.

cfd 1 Request membership
Arlington Friends House

Arlington Friends House is a Quaker-oriented cooperative in Arlington, outside Boston.

poetwork 2 Request membership
Spirit of '76

A cooperative housing community based on shared values of equality, environmental sustainability, human rights, peace and justice.

Gabe Baldwin 1 Request membership

A new (growing) coop on a friendly block in Somerville

katie 6 Join

A dozen folks dedicated to sustainability, social justice and local community.

Oren Robinson 1 Request membership
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